Echoing Green

For nearly 30 years, Echoing Green has supported next-generation talent in solving the world’s biggest problems. Through their world renowed fellowship program, Echoing Green has established a global community of emerging leaders—almost 700 and growing—who have launched Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, and more.


In 2015 RisingFoundation's co-founders, Calvin Duncan and Kelly Orians, were awarded a fellowship to launch the organization. 

Credit Builders Alliance

Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) is an innovative non-profit social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of a diverse and growing network of hundreds of nonprofits (CBA members) in almost all 50 states, including Puerto Rico, that help low- and moderate- income households build strong credit and other financial assets. CBA was created by and for our nonprofit members in response to a serious gap in the modern credit reporting system that locks millions of individuals with poor or no credit out of the mainstream financial system without opportunities to build credit. Our philosophy is that good credit is essential to achieving and maintaining financial stability, and that mission driven nonprofits are uniquely positioned to help these struggling households build credit as an asset.

Orleans Parish Criminal District Court - Reentry Workforce Development Program

In 2010 Judge Laurie White and Judge Arthur Hunter founded the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court - Reentry Workforce Development Program. This unique program allows non violent offenders an opportunity for early release after serving 2 years in prison, completing at least two nationally certified vocational programs designed to increase their marketable skills and job readiness, and completing over 100 hours of intensive peer mentoring.  


We have partnered with this program to identify candidates who could benefit from our programming. 

Harmony Neighborhood Development

Harmony is a community development corporation that partners with residents to create high quality and affordable housing available in Central City.


We have partnered with Harmony Neighborhood Development to renovate "The Keller Mansion", an over 170 year old property on the LaSalle Corridor. Once complete this property will provide affordable housing options for formerly incarcerated people and their families, and commercial space for social enterprise and non-profit services providers. 


Gulf Coast Bank

In partnership with Gulf Coast Bank we are assisting our clients in becoming more knowledgable about financial services, setting up basic checking and savings account, accessing secured lines of credit, and planning for the future.

Project Homecoming

The mission of Project Homecoming is to revitalize the neighbhorhoos that make New Orleans so special by helping families return home. In addition to rebuilding homes, Project Homecoming works with families who are hoping to become homeowners by building brand new homes on abandoned or blighted properties. They also work to improve community spaces, such as local gardens. Every year Project Homecoming brings hundreds of volunteers to New Orleans and coordinates projects around the city to assist other organizations with reaching their development goals.

The First 72+

The First 72+ is a transitional housing and reentry program serving people recently released from the Louisiana state prison system. Clients and residents of The First 72+ receive support during the crucial first three days after their release including (but not limited to): transportation home from prison, clothes, food, transportation to social services offices (e.g. to get state identification, get a social security card, enrollment in public benefits, visits with parole/probation), and healthcare (mental, physical, dental) provided by local partners. After this stabilization period residents develop long term housing and employment plans and are able to remain in the home rent free for a 3 - 6 month period.


We have partnered with The First 72+ to rennovate "The Kelly Mansion" in Central City to develop additional space for their transitional housing program, and expand their housing program to offer opportunities for affordable rentals.

The United States Attorney's Office - Eastern District of Louisiana

In 2013 United States Attorney Kenneth Polite founded the 30 2+2 Collaborative to recruit 30 local employers to hire two ex-convicts for two years. The mission of the program is to reduce recidivism by improving access to gainful and stable employment. 


RisingFoundations partnered with the 30 2 + 2 Collaborative to recruit local employers.

Ceasefire New Orleans

CeaseFire New Orleans main office is in Central City, just blocks from the site of our innagural (re)build. Ceasefire aims to reduce shootings/killings. Violence interrupters with street credibility resolve conflicts, assist high-risk youth to change thinking/behaviors, and mobilize the community to promote new behaviors around violence and conflict. 


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